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For the month of Ramadan this year (May 4th to June 4th) I'm focused on one thing: Zakat Resources. Read about the resources I've compiled below and check out the teamup with! I'll be providing them guidance on their Zakat eligible campaigns, doing some open Q&A sessions, as well as a few videos.

Below I've made a master list of all the available resources for Zakat on my site. This includes articles, videos, course, and phone consultations.

Zakat with LaunchGood

This year I'm working with to provide guidance on Zakat and Zakat verified campaigns. Click here or the picture above for the LaunchGood Zakat Portal. You'll find videos, articles, and live Q&A sessions.

Let's Zakat Together

30 Days of Giving Challenge

This Ramadan join thousands across the globe to support an incredible cause every single day of the month. Automate your daily giving or pick a cause manually every day of Ramadan. Join the 30 Day giving Challenge and never miss a day of giving!

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Buy the Book: Simple Zakat Guide

Simple Zakat Guide explains the rules and reasons of Zakat. Step by step worksheets are provided for every section. Topics include everything from Zakat liable assets, expense deductions, 401k and other retirement accounts, how to account for Haram earnings, how to calculate Nisab, in addition to the basics of Islamic charitable ethics. This second edition of the book contains additional information about HSA and FSA accounts. Simple Zakat Guide seeks to be an accessible middle ground for those wanting to learn clearly and concisely about how and why to give charitably in Islamic Law.

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Phone Consultations

Need to speak to me directly about your Zakat questions? I am here to assist you, and will walk you through issues related to calculating and paying your Zakat. The 45 min phone consult includes an open Q&A scheduled at your convenience. Have more questions and need more time? A 2 1/4 hr session is provided where I will coach you on how to calculate your Zakat. This includes 135 minutes of open Q&A and one screen share for a specific issue of your choice.

Video Courses

These video courses provide you with an immersive online experience. The Simple Zakat Live course is based on my best-selling book and has 3+ hours of video time. The Advanced Zakat course is 7+ hours, is exclusive to this site, and contains never before released material. The videos are viewable at any time, and they can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you'd like.