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Services I Provide

You have questions. I have answers. Whether a business Sharia Compliance certification, Non-profit advisory, personal finance advice, or how religious rulings apply to a particular situation, I assist you in navigating the challenge of aligning your values with your life decisions.


Business Consultations

What's more important in business, advertising it as "Islamic" or ensuring that your values align with your business decisions?
I will assist you in navigating the issues your business faces, review the documents related to that process, and issue an opinion on that matter if needed. To start the process, let's schedule a call and develop a scope of work relevant to your needs.

Personal Consultations

I'm sure you have a lot of questions. You may be looking to understand fatwas and religious rulings on different issues. You may need advice about which of your choices on financial issues is the best for you to make a decision on.
I am here to assist you, walking you through related ethical issues and navigating the issues that affect you and your values.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the act of planning your estate, i.e. what happens to your property after you die and who cares for your loved ones. With an estate plan, you get to say who gets what, when they get it, and who should look after the ones you care for when you are gone.

Zakat Certification

Anyone can say their organization is eligible to receive Zakat, but have they actually been vetted? As Muslim donors become more discerning, make sure your organization's reputation is protected. I will review your current operations then, based on need, assist you in creating policies and procedures and issue certification for your Zakat eligibility. Followup services include yearly audit and on-going consulting.

Sharia Compliance Certification

Whether an investment fund, a business process, or partnership docs, I will assist you in navigating the related issues, review the documents related to that process, and issue an opinion on that matter if needed.

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