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“Do you think money grows on trees.”

“Money is dirty.”

“Money should be in your hands, not in your heart.”

Any of the above sound familiar?

Each of us grew up with some narrative or story about Money…and these stories not only shape up our relationship with money but the choices we make around Money.

Consider the story of Aisha and Ahmed; two young working professionals both doing very well for themselves and have a young son. Their retirement accounts are on autopilot from the company they work for, but they don’t have anything saved for their child’s education.

If you ask them: Is your retirement account shariah-compliant? They can’t answer. And if you probe them further and ask them what’s stopping you from taking the initiative to save for your child’s education, they might say: we’re just so busy.

The reality is, for both questions, Aisha and Ahmed are afraid. They are so scared of making a bad choice. And this fear of making a lousy choice may be driven by a “money story” that tells them that “money comes, money goes, so don’t worry about it and as long you have enough in your bank account, don’t stress too much!”.

This money story might be working for them now, but what if it stops working for them? What if it hits them that after years of hard work, that they have been investing in non-shariah compliant funds, and they don’t have enough savings for their child’s education?

I’m not trying to make an example out of Aisha and Ahmed, or the thousands of couples who are perhaps living a similar reality. I understand the pain of having to decide and choose between money options and change financial habits and routines along the way – especially if this whole Money business seems like a black box. And honestly who has time to go through the fine print after a long day at work?

This is why I’ve partnered with Productive Muslim, to tackle this topic once and for all through the  Productive Muslim Money Masterclass. As an expert in Islamic/Ethical personal finance, I will walk you  through a step-by-step process to make faith-based, scientific, money decisions for our life and afterlife. Check out the video below to learn more:

One of the greatest things that you will learn in this course is how you can break through the fear of making money decisions and how to make educated principal choices that will promote your well-being in this life and the next.

Using Prophetic principles as our guide, and the latest personal finance models, we’ll help you build a realistic financial road map for yourself and family for the next 2-5 years at least. 

I hope you can join us soon. To sign up, click the link below:

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