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On The Permissibility of Contracts

The general rule for all contracts, and especially in sales, is validity. Unless something is found deficient then the contract remains valid, such as: 1- one of the contracting parties lacking legal capacity 2- one of the objects of contract containing Riba or Gharar 3- or the fact that the object of sale is expressing […]

Price-Based Deferred Sales

Salam (السَلـَـم) is a form of contract that was found in pre-Islamic Arabia. At the time the Prophet arrived in Medina, he found people dealing in this form of trade. In the Hadith of Ibn Abbas he reports: The Messenger came to Medina and he found the people making deferred sales in fruit for one […]

Insurance Regulation

Classically, scholars categorized contracts as being from one of three types. Commutative exchange (Mu’awaDat معاوضات) – Involving the voluntary exchange of good, services, and/or both for the purpose of trade. Includes: cash sales, bartering, and currency exchange. Charitable exchange (Tabaru’at تبرعات) – Involving the voluntary not-for-profit exchange of good, services, and/or both out of the […]