40 Hadith for Financial Success: Prophetic Guidance on Wealth – Full Day Workshop

40 Hadith for Financial Success

Prophetic Guidance on Wealth

Full Day Workshop

What responsibilities do we have when earning? Is it wrong to earn and be wealthy? How should wealth affect our character? What plans should we make to invest and secure our family’s future? Scholars of Islam would regularly collect forty hadith on subjects pertinent to faith and practice. In this collection, we’ll present Prophetic answers to the previous questions. Other topics covered relate to debt, finance, spending, charity, and investment.

Course Overview

Each Chapter contains 4-6 hadith and cover the following topics:

  1. Wealth and its discontents
  2. It’s okay to be wealthy
  3. Charity and Stewardship
  4. Credit and Debt
  5. Personal Spending
  6. Investment and Money Management
  7. Business Ethics
  8. Estate Planning