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I Drink Your Milkshake: A Note on Charging for Religious acts

In this Article: – Categorizing Acts related to Religious Practice – Demanding a Wage vs. Receiving Compensation – Where are modern “Islamic Institutes” positioned in this debate? – I Drink Your Milkshake In a previous article, I cover the question “Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary?” Here I’d like to follow […]

Two Men Enter: Arbitration, Reconciliation, and What Can Be Kept Out of Court

In this article we explore two forms of dispute resolution, arbitration and reconciliation, under Islamic law. This is a follow up to two previous articles where we discussed defamation as a case brought to court, as well as how Islamic courts operate. There will be two more followups to this article, inshallah that you can read […]

Two in Hell, One in Heaven: Dispute Resolution in Islamic Law

In this Article: – Who has the authority to resolve disputes – A Judge’s Skills and Qualification – Which Issues does a judge decide? – What is a court case? – Evidence and how we identify it – Conflicts of Interest – Why this stuff is important Two in Hell, One in Heaven: Assuming the […]

To Make A Fair Show In the Flesh: Defamation under Islamic Law & the Dangers of Ambiguity

In this Article: – The Purpose of Legal Deterrents – Mandatory vs. Discretionary Penalties – Slander: Express or Metaphorical – Defamation of Character and Damage to Reputation – What constitutes defamation under Islamic law? – The Burden of Proof and Personal Dignity – Why ambiguous accusations are counter-productive “Punishment is now unfashionable… because it creates […]

A note on Cryptrocurrencies and How Islamic Law Creates Rulings

On this page you’ll find the following: Video from the Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers, Durban SA My article: “A note on Bitcoin and the epistemological foundations of Islamic law” Links to’s Stock and Cryptocurrency Trade Signal Platform AMAL workshop on Cryptocurrency , Bitcoin and Islamic Perspective -Bitcoin and How Islamic Law Creates […]

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