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Suicide in Islamic Thought – Part 02

God’s Attributes: Between Mercy and Wrath Classical discussions on the topic of suicide center not just on the act of suicide, but how this act is related to the divine attributes of mercy, punishment, and forgiveness. The texts related to these attributes are multifaceted and their interpretations must be contextualized and tempered through a holistic […]

Suicide in Islamic Thought – Part 01

New Article Series: Suicide in Islamic Thought. Through this series of articles, we’ll explore the theology, law, and treatment of suicide ideation. The goals of this article series are stated below, and I’ll be releasing one article a week until the series is finished. I hope to hear your feedback. Denial is the worst kind of […]

Question: Can we buy and sell gift cards for more or less than face value?

A questioner writes asking: “What is the Islamic legal characterization (fiqhi takyeef) of a gift card? Do the rulings (Ahkam) of currency exchange apply to a gift card? Ex: Can i sell 100 dollar gift card for 90? Would that be impermissible because of inequality?” This is a great question. To understand the answer, we […]

I Drink Your Milkshake: A Note on Charging for Religious acts

In this Article: – Categorizing Acts related to Religious Practice – Demanding a Wage vs. Receiving Compensation – Where are modern “Islamic Institutes” positioned in this debate? – I Drink Your Milkshake In a previous article, I cover the question “Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary?” Here I’d like to follow […]

Two Men Enter: Arbitration, Reconciliation, and What Can Be Kept Out of Court

In this article we explore two forms of dispute resolution, arbitration and reconciliation, under Islamic law. This is a follow up to two previous articles where we discussed defamation as a case brought to court, as well as how Islamic courts operate. There will be two more followups to this article, inshallah that you can read […]

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