Hardly an Antidote: the Folly of Mustafa Aykol’s Comments on Irja’ and ISIS


Mustafa Akyol’s latest article titles “A Medieval Antidote to ISIS” could perhaps be titled: “Let’s all be Murjiah” or better yet: “When cluelessness meets political collusion.” The folly of the article’s proposition is three-fold: It conflates medieval forms of irja’. There were several (about 12). The author mis-characterizes them or doesn’t seem to know they exist. … [Read more…]

Simple Zakat Guide Giveaway


In gratitude to all of you for your support, I am giving away five free copies of Simple Zakat Guide. Please sign up below and confirm your subscription. Giveaway is only eligible for US residents. Winners will be announced by Friday Dec. 25th.

Umrah Trip December 2015


Winter Umrah w/ Sh. Joe Bradford 4 nights Medina/ 3 nights Makkah Quad Occupancy : 2695/person Sign up online: http://www.illumetours.com/

Interview with Joe Bradford on the Deen Show

Here’s my full interview with Eddie from The Deen Show. I was happy to be his guest and see the great work he does. My motivations for accepting Islam are not something that I have spoken about publicly before, so I it was a bit awkward for me. All in all I am glad that … [Read more…]

A note on “Coffee Fatwas”


Several people have asked about the opinion that Coffee was deemed impermissible at one time by scholars. This opinion, while presented with much fanfare, is a wholly inaccurate potrayal of not only normative Islamic legal positions, but of the scholars who contributed to the corpus of Islamic law, and how law is formed. Coffee in Arabic … [Read more…]