Interview with Joe Bradford on the Deen Show

Here’s my full interview with Eddie from The Deen Show. I was happy to be his guest and see the great work he does. My motivations for accepting Islam are not something that I have spoken about publicly before, so I it was a bit awkward for me. All in all I am glad that … [Read more…]

Legacy of the Prophet – An Explanation of Sunan Al Tirmidhi

Termez Sultan Saodat

I’ve decided to put all lectures from this series in one page, please click here to go to that page From Wikipedia: Abū ‘Īsá Muḥammad ibn ‛Īsá as-Sulamī aḍ-Ḍarīr al-Būghī at-Tirmidhī (Arabic: أبو عيسى محمد بن عيسى السلمي الضرير البوغي الترمذي‎; Persian: ترمذی‎, Termezī; 824 – 8 October 892), often referred to as Imam at-Tirmidhi, was a Persian[2][3] Islamic scholar and collector of hadith who wrote al-Jami` as-Sahih (known … [Read more…]