Do You Owe Zakat on Your 401k?


You have a good job that provides a 401k, with a good amount of money in the account. Do you owe zakat on your 401k? You need a solid answer. There are thousands of dollars per year at stake, not to mention your duties as a Muslim. The challenge of Islamic personal finance in the US I’ve … [Read more…]

A note on “Coffee Fatwas”


Several people have asked about the opinion that Coffee was deemed impermissible at one time by scholars. This opinion, while presented with much fanfare, is a wholly inaccurate potrayal of not only normative Islamic legal positions, but of the scholars who contributed to the corpus of Islamic law, and how law is formed. Coffee in Arabic … [Read more…]

On the Permissibility of Wearing Real Silk Ties

Silk ties rolled in a shop window display

Found this in a letter I wrote to a friend years ago, thought it may be of use to some of you: What is weight of the average silk tie? About 140-150 grams (at the most for maybe a high end tie)? According to Ibn Hajar in al-Fath and al-Nawawi in al-Majmu’ one has to … [Read more…]

Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary?


Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary? One of the more contentious issues to discuss these days is religious figures receiving any form of remuneration for their services, services that are focused on what are considered “religious services.” Religious services may be very broadly thought of as anything from teaching religion, issuing … [Read more…]