Umrah Trip December 2015


Winter Umrah w/ Sh. Joe Bradford 4 nights Medina/ 3 nights Makkah Quad Occupancy : 2695/person Sign up online:

Announcing the Muslim Money Guide


After toiling long and hard on this site (well long, not hard enough) I and a few friends who are also specialists in money issues decided “Why don’t we combine our efforts and launch a community resource?” and so the Muslim Money Guide was born. Featuring articles, podcasts, videos, and seminars we hope that it … [Read more…]

Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary?


Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary? One of the more contentious issues to discuss these days is religious figures receiving any form of remuneration for their services, services that are focused on what are considered “religious services.” Religious services may be very broadly thought of as anything from teaching religion, issuing … [Read more…]

Solace – How To Offer Condolences


Another post resurrected from Islamic Law, Etc. with some added subtitles and editing. —————————————————————- Solace Every phonecall cuts like a knife. When you’ve lost a loved one, the last thing you want to do is answer the phone or be around someone, but then again the one thing you want most is some normality, so … [Read more…]