• Congratulations to our winners in the Simple Zakat Guide giveaway!

    25 Dec 2015


    Congratulations to our winners:
    – Alauddin
    – Rukiya
    – Shaeena
    – Zaawia
    – Rais
    Who were selected at random as the five winners in the Simple Zakat Guide giveaway!

    Each winner will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem this offer.

    Thanks to all of you for signing up! Look out for more offers and special events coming up in 2016!


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  • Umrah Trip December 2015

    2 Dec 2015

    Winter Umrah w/ Sh. Joe Bradford
    4 nights Medina/ 3 nights Makkah
    Quad Occupancy : 2695/person
    Sign up online:


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  • Announcing the Muslim Money Guide

    26 Mar 2015

    After toiling long and hard on this site (well long, not hard enough) I and a few friends who are also specialists in money issues decided “Why don’t we combine our efforts and launch a community resource?” and so the Muslim Money Guide was born.

    Featuring articles, podcasts, videos, and seminars we hope that it will act as a 3rd party independent resource for all issues involving Muslims and Money.

    Take and look at it here.

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  • Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary?

    5 Nov 2014

    Is it OK for an Imam to have a salary?

    One of the more contentious issues to discuss these days is religious figures receiving any form of remuneration for their services, services that are focused on what are considered “religious services.” Religious services may be very broadly thought of as anything from teaching religion, issuing religious rulings (fatwa), leading prayers, conducting marriages, counseling, and other services. A common retort to any form of remuneration is that there is no precedent for paying for anything “religious” usually coupled with a quote from the hadith narrated by al-Tirmidhi that the Prophet said “Do not take a Mu’adhdhin who takes a reward for his adhan.”

    This post will not delve into the contextualizing the above hadith and other related texts. Instead it will remedy the first claim, and that is “there is no precedent for remunerating religious employment.” To do this, I quote several authoritative works in each of the four schools, (more…)

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  • Solace – How To Offer Condolences

    3 Nov 2014

    Another post resurrected from Islamic Law, Etc. with some added subtitles and editing.



    Every phonecall cuts like a knife.

    When you’ve lost a loved one, the last thing you want to do is answer the phone or be around someone, but then again the one thing you want most is some normality, so you pick up the phone and open the door. Clarity of mind is something sought after, not something to be expected at this time. Some people call you not knowing, and wonder why or how you can be so despondent or stand-offish to them. Others would call and say with the sensitivity of a schizophrenic “Sorry for your loss, but hey you know what can I say…” Silence from some may be safe, but not sound in the hurting heart. There are though those that actually console, ask real questions, make dua, and most importantly let you know they are there for you. Not that they are in fact physically there, but the sentiment and the short visits are what counts.

    Pain subsides in the cool words of condolences, (more…)

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  • Dear aspiring Khatib, A little advice…

    31 Oct 2014

    BlueLogoDear aspiring Khatib,

    Please pay attention to the following issues: (more…)

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