Lifetime Updates to the Simple Zakat Guide

I wrote the Simple Zakat Guide to be a convenient resource for American Muslims, now and in the future. When you register your copy of the Simple Zakat Guide, you get lifetime access to new editions of the e-book, as well as a suite of other resources. If you don’t have a copy yet, click here to purchase the Simple Zakat … [Read more…]

Do You Owe Zakat on Your 401k?


You have a good job that provides a 401k, with a good amount of money in the account. Do you owe zakat on your 401k? You need a solid answer. There are thousands of dollars per year at stake, not to mention your duties as a Muslim. The challenge of Islamic personal finance in the US I’ve … [Read more…]

Simple Zakat Guide Giveaway


In gratitude to all of you for your support, I am giving away five free copies of Simple Zakat Guide. Please sign up below and confirm your subscription. Giveaway is only eligible for US residents. Winners will be announced by Friday Dec. 25th.

Zakat Seminar

Zakat Seminar Presented by Joe Bradford Sunday June 22nd Limited Seats $45.00 Comprehend & Calculate Your Charitable Giving Find answers to the following questions: Am I liable to pay Zakat? How do I know who really deserves my charity? What do I do with interest/haram earnings? Do I have to pay on my 401k? How do … [Read more…]