Zakat Seminar

Zakat Seminar Presented by Joe Bradford Sunday June 22nd Limited Seats $45.00 Comprehend & Calculate Your Charitable Giving Find answers to the following questions: Am I liable to pay Zakat? How do I know who really deserves my charity? What do I do with interest/haram earnings? Do I have to pay on my 401k? How do […]


Do you have issues that go beyond merely asking a question over the internet? I provide ethical advisory services to individuals and organizations. Currently I advise several non-profits and a number of individual investors. If you would like to hire me for anything related to Zakat, investment review, document review, or standards creation, please fill out […]

Radicalization in the Muslim Community – NYT: “Uncle Sam is No Imam”

The New York Times recently published an Op-Ed from Samuel Rascoff, from the article: From a national security point of view, challenging ideas that underpin radical Islam makes sense. Counterterrorism is ultimately about ideas; why shouldn’t officials try to marginalize the theological teachings cited by violent terrorists? The problem is that when American officials intervene […]

Deconstructing Islamic Law – Focus on Fiqh texts (2)

Last time we looked at Fiqh texts we mentioned: If we look at them substantially, they consist of: textually gleaned understandings (i.e. from Quran and Hadith) issues of consensus opinions of the companions an/or their students opinions of the “Imam” of that particular school and at times opinions of the leaders of that Imam’s school […]

Islamic Economics vs. Global Capitalism

Islamic Economics is a topic of great interest nowadays. Sometime ago an article appeared in the LA times, asking the question “Will capitalism fall victim to its own success?“ From the article: Karl Marx is turning in his grave. Or perhaps not, because some of his writings eerily foreshadowed our era of globalized capitalism. His […]

Insurance Regulation

Classically, scholars categorized contracts as being from one of three types. Commutative exchange (Mu’awaDat معاوضات) – Involving the voluntary exchange of good, services, and/or both for the purpose of trade. Includes: cash sales, bartering, and currency exchange. Charitable exchange (Tabaru’at تبرعات) – Involving the voluntary not-for-profit exchange of good, services, and/or both out of the […]

Current Accounts… Current thoughts… on Islamic Banks

Current accounts in most Islamic banks have been conceptualized as loans, ergo it is impermissible – in the view of most modern jurists- to pay or charge an interest rate on the account. While most conventional banks do not provide any sort of interest payment unless a initial minimum deposit is made, most still provide […]