Simple Zakat Guide Giveaway


In gratitude to all of you for your support, I am giving away five free copies of Simple Zakat Guide. Please sign up below and confirm your subscription. Giveaway is only eligible for US residents. Winners will be announced by Friday Dec. 25th.

Zakat Seminar

Zakat Seminar Presented by Joe Bradford Sunday June 22nd Limited Seats $45.00 Comprehend & Calculate Your Charitable Giving Find answers to the following questions: Am I liable to pay Zakat? How do I know who really deserves my charity? What do I do with interest/haram earnings? Do I have to pay on my 401k? How do … [Read more…]

Hire me for work

Do you have issues that go beyond merely asking a question over the internet? I provide ethical advisory services to individuals and organizations. Currently I advise several non-profits and a number of individual investors. If you would like to hire me for anything related to Zakat, investment review, document review, or standards creation, please fill out … [Read more…]