Do You Owe Zakat on Your 401k?


You have a good job that provides a 401k, with a good amount of money in the account. Do you owe zakat on your 401k? You need a solid answer. There are thousands of dollars per year at stake, not to mention your duties as a Muslim. The challenge of Islamic personal finance in the US I’ve … [Read more…] Op-Ed: Ted Cruz Asked Me to Educate Him About Muslims


Here’s an op-ed I wrote recently on Senator Ted Cruz’ comments about patrolling Muslim neighborhoods and his waging war on religious liberty. “There is a war on faith in America today, in our lifetime,” MSNBC quotes Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as saying. “Did we ever imagine that in the land of the free and … [Read more…]

Houston Study Quran Community Discussion


Houston recently held a Study Quran Community Discussion with Dr. Joseph Lumbard at the University of Houston on Sunday January 24, 2016. Here is an album on Facebook with pictures and descriptions from the day’s event. Video of the event will be posted soon.